The New York City Administration for Children’s Services protects New York City’s children from abuse and neglect. Along with our community partners, Children’s Services provides neighborhood-based services to help ensure children grow up in safe, permanent homes with strong families.

  • Protects children by investigating an average of 55,000 reports of abuse or neglect each year
  • Helps families in need through counseling, referrals to drug rehabilitation programs and other preventive services
  • Recruits and trains foster parents and caregivers to provide safe homes for children living in foster care
  • Assures that children in foster care find safe, permanent homes as quickly as possible, either with their birth or adoptive parents
  • Supports youth development and permanency for teens and adolescents, as well as a range of programs and services to help young people prepare for adulthood
  • Provides childcare and Head Start programs for approximately 80,000 children throughout the City

EarlyLearn NYC will raise educational standards throughout early childhood education settings; improve teacher-child ratios and support teachers’ professional development and instructional practices. EarlyLearn NYC will also encourage the recruitment of an economically diverse group of children, based on research showing that children achieve key developmental benefits among a socio-economically diverse mix of their peers.

Other key objectives of EarlyLearn NYC include: supporting the development of children with special needs in integrated settings; expanding services for infants and toddlers, an age group that is under-served; and the development of new holistic and developmentally-appropriate screening and child assessment systems designed to help teachers best support children’s development. EarlyLearn NYC will also foster collaborative relationships with parents as well as offer comprehensive family supports, including nutrition, social and mental health services.