Tremont Monterey Early Childhood Centers, Family Day Care and School Age Program are committed to the holistic development, safety and care of children.

Our high scope curriculum offers a rich, multifaceted environment, where children are given the opportunity for physical, social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, cultural and aesthetic development. Children are guided to explore and discover the world around them through play, art, music, drama and story-telling. We serve a pivotal role in transmitting values, personality development, creativity, self-worth and individuality. Cognitive development is probed to heighten children’s ability to conceptualize, problem solve, think, store, retrieve, develop language skills and master certain mental operations.

Our professional staff creates a nurturing environment to enhance socialization and emotional development. Collaborative partnership with parents is essential and mandated at our centers. Nutritious meals and promoting healthy eating habits are a major focus. Our Family Day Care Program emphasizes training and development in areas such as child development, health and safety.

We believe that there is music in every child waiting to be discovered.